Santa's Nice List: Louise Bradley '52 ⚜ Mary Anne Galbally '96 SCPS, '05 SGS In Honor of SCPS Faculty and Staff- "Blessed, Healthy, and Joyous Christmas!" ⚜ Dr. Michael Atchison ⚜ Cecile Heebner Knies '63 ⚜ Yvonne L. Faison White '03 SCPS ⚜ Nancy (Anne) Diamond Roche '65 ⚜ Joan Calhoun '06 ⚜ Carrie Wosicki '84 ⚜ Margaret Barry '84 In Honor of Chemistry Department Faculty- "Thank you Chemistry Department Faculty" ⚜ Marie Zdebski Conti '80, '85 SGS ⚜ Karen Katelhon Blair '88 ⚜ Lorraine A. Revello '66 "Buon Natale !!!" ⚜ Rosemary Hunt Kurtz '71 In Memory of Sister Helen DeSales SSJ ⚜ Karmen Michel '18 SCPS "Blessings!!" ⚜ Betty Jane White Green '83 SCPS ⚜ Theresa M. Cute ⚜ Martha Wilderotter McDevitt '65 ⚜ Diane Stanczak '70 ⚜ Jeanine Van Thuyne '06 ⚜ Mike Rittenhouse ⚜ Linda Lowe "For our wonderful, fun and creative OIA Elf. Thank you for a great Night of Giving." ⚜ Stephanie N. Reif '13 "Great job Michelle!!!" ⚜ Theresa Bielski '18 SGS In Honor of Michelle Presnall- "Go Michellelf!" ⚜ Rebecca R. Powers In Honor of Michelle Presnall ⚜ Judy Maceyko Sweriduk '81 ⚜ Christopher Dougherty, Ph.D. "Merry Christmas!" ⚜ Jennifer S. Lauer Mastrangelo '96 ⚜ Patricia Canning '70 In Memory of Professor James F. Sullivan, Ph.D. ⚜ Karen Wendling, Ph.D. '03 ⚜ Mary Catherine Lowery '73 ⚜ Mary Beth Tobin Macaluso '82 "Keep up the great work! GREETINGS FROM SNOWY NY" ⚜ Dorothea Klebacher Magyar '67 In Memory of Karen Seiler Marquis '67 ⚜ Lynne Huddleston '75 In Honor of Mrs. Moore '50- "Peace on Earth, Good Will to All" ⚜ Felicia A. Trujillo Bryan '04 In Honor of Bridge Runs 2004- "Small group gift from the class of 2004" ⚜ Maureen Colleran Doyle '68 "Merry Christmas to all the members of the Class of '68" ⚜ Elaine Palmer Meisinger '65 ⚜ Caitlin R. Kain '13 "Sending love from the Class of 2013!" ⚜ Emma P. Burkey Hill '13 ⚜ Linda Govern '77 ⚜ Jodie King Smith '94, '01 SGS ⚜ Kathleen Biglin '80 In Honor of Margarita Mongil-Kwoka '80 ⚜ Mike Rittenhouse ⚜ Mary O'Gorman Murray '74 ⚜ Gretchen Ann Reilly, Ph.D. '91 ⚜ Jayne Higgins Avery '80 ⚜ Maureen Jaster Whitham '83 ⚜ Alice Gricoski Dachowski, M.D. '77 In Memory of Sister Eva Maria Lynch , SSJ , PhD ⚜ Kelly Durphy '18 "Merry Christmas!" ⚜ Anne E. Tezak '76 ⚜ Margaret C. Moran '67 In Memory of Dr. Lester Conner ⚜ Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. In Memory of Mary Darrah, SSJ, '70 ⚜ Tina DeLucia '67 ⚜ Jacquelyn Burns In Honor of Stephanie Reif ‘13 ⚜ Abigail L. Palko '96 In Memory of Catherine Knobbs, SSJ ⚜ Mary McKenna Thorne '71 In Memory of Eileen Finucane McKenna '39 ⚜ Herman C. Fala ⚜ Charlene Zebrowski '88 ⚜ Sheila Kennedy, SSJ, Ph.D. '76 ⚜ Kathleen Quigley Grimm '88 "To all Reunion Weekend Volunteers, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, see you in 2021 xoxo!" ⚜ Lynn Mulvaney Sharp '87 ⚜ Karen Murphy Harris '88 ⚜ Barbara Jani '67 In Memory of Mary F. Quinn '67 ⚜ Cecilia Haenn Turner '88 ⚜ Kathleen Quigley Grimm '88 In Honor of Rita Michael Scully, SSJ ⚜ Tammy Schaaffe Zimmerman '10 ⚜ Theresa Bielski '18 SGS "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!" ⚜ Stephanie N. Reif '13 ⚜ Keara Clauss '07 ⚜ Phyllis M. Roche '65 ⚜ Robert & Maria Sucharski In Honor of Diana Sucharski Pavlecka '04- "Merry Christmas to all!" ⚜ Olivia G. Trainor '18 In Memory of Betty Ippolito- "With Love, Olivia Trainor Class of 2018" ⚜ Amy McLeer '94 In Memory of Catherine E. Quinn '78 ⚜ Mary Beth Kelly-Scher '81 ⚜ Marlene Bonacci Lynch '67 ⚜ Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D. '76 ⚜ Mary Katherine Reeber '60 "Merry Christmas from Mary Katherine (1960) in San Diego, California. May the happiness in the New Year erase all memories of 2020!" ⚜ Cheryl Kennedy '87 ⚜ Kathleen Rex Anderson, Ed.D. '66 ⚜ Catherine A. Lavelle Kessmeier, Esq. '91 ⚜ Sandra L. Kuback Dowling '67 In Memory of Sister Eva Maria Lynch , SSJ , PhD ⚜ Tracy Dillon Bonaventure '87 In Honor of Yolanda C. Rodriguez ⚜ Jacqueline S. Gura Ciaverelli '00 "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!" ⚜ Linda Lowe "For all of my hard working friends in OIA Merry Christmas - Linda" ⚜ Dan & Barbara Crawford ⚜ Diane Wasyluk Iardella '87 "Merry Christmas Griffins!" ⚜ Debra Reif ⚜ "Charis Lasky '91 In Honor of Therese Benedict McGuire, SSJ, Ph.D.- "Merry Christmas, Griffins everywhere!"" ⚜ Ana Mai Wong-Trainor, Esq. '86 In Honor of Esther Mark- "Merry Christmas! Ana Mai Wong-Trainor Class of 1986." ⚜ Marie T. Bambrick, SSJ '71 " Have a Blessed Christmas and healthy, joyful New Year." ⚜ Samaria S. M. Turner '19 In Memory of Ms.Nancy who loved CHC and made the best Omelettes in the world ⚜ James '08 SGS & Maureen Fisher McLaughlin In Honor of Sister Anita Bruno, SSJ- "We love you, CHC!" ⚜ Polly Teti ⚜ Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D. '74 In Honor of the Class of 1974- "Hope that the college community receives many Blessings in 2021!" ⚜ Bonnie Lasky ⚜ Mary Lenore Gricoski Keszler, M.D. '74 In Honor of The Biology Department Scientific Research symposia ⚜ Mary Beth Tobin Macaluso '82 "Warm wishes to students, staff, and families of Chestnut Hill for a healthy happy Christmas and 2021!" ⚜ Jeanie Maxwell Schwille '65 In Honor of Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D. ⚜ Andrew J. Conboy '18 ⚜ Gillian Horna Dezzutto '84 ⚜ Mary Josephine Larkin, SSJ, M.A., M.S. '70 ⚜ Lynne Brophy-Collman '84 "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my Griffin families. Thanks for the memories." ⚜ Diane Neary Ewing '64 "Blessings to the class of '64 this Christmas and a Holy Healthy 2021" ⚜ Frances McCullen Pierce '63 In Memory of Rita Reynolds McCullen '35- "Today would have been her birthday. Fran McCullen Pierce, Class of '63." ⚜ Lisa Fiorillo Perfidio '84 ⚜ Jean Marie Koch Williams '84 ⚜ Gini Mauchly Calcerano ⚜ Eileen Walker Phoebus '69 ⚜ Sarah Logan, Ph.D. ⚜ Erin Wooley, M.B.A. ⚜ Josh Brookreson In Honor of Linnea Parker '99 SGS ⚜ Alice Cashore Ellis '08 SGS "Blessings of good health and peace to all in the CHC family. Merry Christmas" ⚜ Mary Dress "Merry Christmas and wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!!" ⚜ Norma Mannix '73 ⚜ Kimberly Cooney ⚜ JoAnne DiGiacomo Lechowicz '66 In Memory of Sr. Peg Ryall, SSJ ⚜ Sheila Riley Purcell '59 In Memory of Sr Helen DeSales SSJ ⚜ Christina Grassi '97 In Memory of Mary Darrah, SSJ, '70 ⚜ Michael J. Terranova, Jr. '18 SGS In Honor of Catherine Terranova ⚜ Rita Kathryn Borzillo, J.D. ⚜ Marjorie Horton, M.A. ⚜ Catherine Lockyer Moulton '92 In Memory of Elizabeth C. Lockyer Merriam, '42 ⚜ Maryanne L. Walsh '98, '02 SGS ⚜ Suzanne Coster McCarthy '93, '96 SGS In Memory of Mary Darrah, SSJ, '70 ⚜ Jacki Reich, Ph.D. In Honor of the faculty, students, and alumni of the Political Science and International Affairs Department- "Sending warm wishes for health and happiness to the entire CHC community!" ⚜ Margarita Mongil-Kwoka '80 "Feliz Navidad!" ⚜ Cheryl-Ann Montano Hughes '80 ⚜ Jo Marie Victor '04 SCPS "My heart will always have a special place for the Accelerated Division of CHC! Merry Christmas to all! Jo Marie Victor " ⚜ Rebecca R. Powers ⚜ Nancy Koonmen Schmidtmann '61 ⚜ Anastasia Hagan Bacon, Ed.D. '60 ⚜ Kristen Dudley '92 "Happiest of Holidays to all the Griffins young and young at heart and especially to all the SSJs who have loved and taught us through the years" ⚜ Michelle Budenz Presnall ⚜ Kathleen O'Boyle '84, '97 SGS In Honor of Blessings to all Griffins everywhere, and their families ⚜ Tom & Patricia Trujillo In Memory of Thomas John Trujillo ⚜ Patricia Walsh Sterner '60 In Memory of Liam O'Neill Sterner ⚜ Frances Boshell '09 In Honor of Professor Jacqueline Reich ⚜ Frances Boshell '09 In Honor of Sister Mary Theresa Shevland ⚜ Denise Gervase Ferrier, Ph.D. '69 ⚜ Michael G. McCaffery In Honor of Margaret Carney McCaffery '77 ⚜ Cecelia Englebert-Passanza '77 In Memory of Mary Levin Englebert '50- "Merry Christmas & Happy Healthy 2021 to all. Cissy" ⚜ Patrick A. & Julia H. Heitzman Koechlin '66 ⚜ Maria Fella Cain '84 In Memory of Vicki Fella Pleier '78 ⚜ Carol Lowe Ambacher '65 ⚜ Nancy Del Valle Korbeck '67 In Memory of A.P. and Nancy del Valle ⚜ Colleen Ward Volpe '59 ⚜ Grace McGuirl '87 SGS ⚜ Marie Meaney Adolph '57 ⚜ Anita Kan '74 ⚜ Aida Berzins '60 ⚜

Night of Giving was a success thanks to You!

Thank you all for making our first live fundraiser a success! We couldn’t have done it without the generosity of the entire Griffin Community!

By giving to CHC, not only have you helped keep our tradition of Christmas decorating alive, you also helped support scholarships for deserving students at CHC. What could be better than the gift of education!

We are deeply grateful for all those who continue to keep Chestnut Hill College, our mission, and students so close to their heart.

Thanks also to everyone at the College who helped make this production possible, especially our President, Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D., Barbara Crawford, Erin Wooley, M.B.A, Mary Helen Kashuba, SSJ, D.M.L., Don Visher, Greg Gorski ’07, ’17 SGS, Mary Theresa Shevland, SSJ, Sheila Kennedy, SSJ, Michelle Budenz Presnall, Stephanie Reif ’13, Theresa Bielski ’18 SGS, and Janice Kuklick.


If you missed the Night of Giving, and wish to make a gift, please use the form below, or you can make a gift to the Griffin Fund by clicking here: 


Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!