1. The Dave Z Fund helps students in need with clothing...
  2. getting food...
  3. replacing stolen transit passes...
  4. replacing lost or damaged books...
  5. finding emergency housing!
Donors: Ryan and Krista Murphy | Michelle Budenz Presnall | Monique Melmed | Andrea Boyle | Marie Conn, Ph.D. | Catherine Kushnerick | The Liberonas | Cecelia Cavanaugh, SSJ | Holly Norberg | Jess Day | Sharon Dougherty | Stephanie Reif | Anonymous | Nancy Dachille | Anonymous | Jennifer Thorpe | Kimberly Cooney | Lisa McKernan | Kerry Rusak | Stephanie Williams | Jesse Balcer | David Lamote | Mark Hammons | Fran Vorsky | Cheryl Kennedy | Jessica Fletcher | Mary Anne Galbally | Allyn Monteiro | The McLaughlin Family | Rebecca Hyde | Michael Terranova | Joyce Baker | Rosie Gavin | Emily Schademan | Cecelia Passanza | Keara Clauss | Jeanine Van Thuyne | Judy Maceyko Sweriduk | Maryanne Walsh

The Dave Z Fund: A Helping Hand for Students

Thanks to the entire Griffin community for coming together on #GivingTuesday! Over $1,700 was raised from 41 donors for the Dave Z Fund!

We thank you for giving to this important fund to help students in need at Chestnut Hill College.

Some memories that donors shared about Dave Z:

  • Allyn Monteiro: I still have a message saved from Dave in which he said, "let's always make sure we make time to lift up each other's spirits".
  • David Lamote: Way too many to name just one.
  • Jennifer Thorpe: He was a great young man, a friend to so many. His memory lives on in his spirit of generosity.
  • Holly Norberg: Miss you so so much! ❤
  • Sister Cecelia Cavanaugh: Embodied union with others and the Divine.
  • Jeanine Van Thuyne: Dave always said Hi to me if we were in the Computer Room together. He was a good guy.

Support the Dave Z Fund and be a part of next year's Global Generosity Movement on December 1, 2020!

Who Was Dave Z?

David V. Zukauskas was 23 years old and a senior at Chestnut Hill College when he died suddenly in a car accident in September 2007. He is remembered for his kindness and generosity; he always had time to help a friend in need. The Dave Z Fund honors his spirit by supporting CHC students in times of need.