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Chestnut Hill College's Day of Giving!

A big inclusive THANK YOU to everyone in the Griffin Community! We did it!

In these trying times, we are so grateful to the Griffin Community for coming together to support CHC. While every day presents us with new, uncertain information, we remember that our students still need support, and we appreciate everyone in the Griffin Family.

With your help, we were able to surpass all our Day of Giving goals and receive the matching gifts!

The total amount raised for Day of Giving including all matching gifts was over $143,000 from over 250 donors!

A very special thank you goes to Drs. Kent and Lori Griswold, who had the idea to honor Sister Kathryn Miller with their initial matching gift of $50,000. Thank you to Jack and Rosemary Gulati '61 for their very generous gift that allowed us to meet the initial matching gift. Thanks also to Margaret Carney McCaffery '77 and Drs. Michael and Jean Fitzpatrick for their additional matching gifts.

And of course, thank you to our honoree, Sister Kathryn Miller, who inspired all this generosity. For 45 years, Sister Kathryn has been a caring teacher, a wise mentor, a kind friend, and a Dear Neighbor to everyone at CHC! We will miss seeing her on campus every day, but we wish her the very best in retirement!

"... Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for your very generous participation. Each of you contributed in a special way. I have loved reviewing all of your names on the webpage ribbon and the many touching memories you shared. You brought smiles to my face and tears to my eyes." – Sister Kathryn Miller

To read Sister Kathryn's entire response to the Day of Giving: click here.

Even in times of crisis, CHC remains strong and resilient. When Griffins come together, we can do anything!

Messages to Sister Kathryn

"Dear Sister Kathryn, Thank you for your love, compassion, and service in all that you do. I am grateful to know you and call you family."
--- Love Always, Mary Katherine Ortale '16, '18 SGS

"Sister Kathryn is a true role model of how each person should live in a work place. She is so kind, smart and thoughtful. Thank you for all of your service to the College!"
--- Cristina Diaz '15

"Sister Kathryn was a great joy and support to me throughout my years at CHC, most especially in my work as Dean. She was always affirming and one of my 'go to people.' Thank you, Kathryn!"
--- Cecelia J Cavanaugh, SSJ

"I enjoyed working with Sister Kathryn Miller in the President's Office while I was a student. She is a true champion of the College's mission, and she always has the best interests of Chestnut Hill College's students at heart. Sister Kathryn's retirement, although it will be a significant loss to the College, is well-deserved! Best wishes for a wonderful retirement!"
--- Dr. Colleen Mooney '04

"God Bless you Sr. Kathryn!"
--- Kevin P. Hearn, Ed.D.

"Your clear, logical and non-threatening teaching style in Behavioral Statistics made the difference in my success in the course. Best wishes to a memorable teacher in your next phase of life."
--- Marylou Delizia, '78 CE

"Sister K.M. was significantly influential in my CHC education. She taught Developmental Psychology to me as part of my ECE/Montessori major curriculum. She was a captivating instructor and demonstrated genuine concern for my academic success. In my junior year, Sister Kathryn Miller resided in St. Joe's building, down the hall from my friends, my roommate and myself. As we collectively proved to be somewhat boisterous, spirited, and challenging neighbors- Sister Kathryn cautioned us to be mindful of our fellow hall residents. Although we didn't fully appreciate it at that time, Sister Kathryn was a calm and guiding light. Older now and somewhat wiser, I'm so grateful for her presence during my years at CHC."
--- Mary Beth Tobin Macaluso '82

"Sr. Kathryn was a woman ahead of her time, as so many SSJ are!

As a Freshman, in 1983, we had to attend a talk given by her as part of our orientation to CHC.

She spoke about goal setting. Micro goals, Mini goals and Macro goals, and drew progressively larger circles on an easel pad.

I knew what goals were, but the concept of setting smaller realistic goals on the way to an overall bigger goal was totally new!

I wasn't quite sure how it was going to apply to me at the time, but I always remembered her words.

I thought about what she said at various times in my life ~ prioritizing schoolwork, organizing my day, budgeting, planning a party and then a wedding.

Flash forward to the new century and "goal setting' is all the rage!

It's a successful organizational tool, key to academic success, a financial strategy, and the way to achieve a happy, grateful and balanced life. The concept is applicable in every area of life.

Sr. Kathryn Miller always had our best interests in mind. With an always present smile, kind word and the foresight to impart timeless wisdom on each new class of Griffins, I thank you and celebrate you Sr. Kathryn!"

--- Fondly, Kathy Shea Pié '83

Sister Kathryn's mother and my mother in law were sodality friends beginning probably in the 1950's. So our acquaintanceship goes back a long way. May God continue to bless you on your memorable anniversary!"
--- Sincerely, Joan Burger '67 King and Family

"Sister Kathryn Miller has always been so kind and so supportive of so many students throughout their journey. I have been so blessed to know her all these years. I saw her recently, after being away for some time, and it felt like coming home."
--- Sarah E. Doherty Machcinski '11

"Sister Kathryn welcomed me back into the CHC family 34 years after graduation like not a day had passed. She is an inspiration, blessing, and guiding star to us all! Wishing you every blessing, Sister Kathryn!"
--- Sue Montgomery '80

"S.Kathryn, I realized it has been exactly 40 years that I have been popping in your office to chat with you! Thank you for introducing Dorothy and her children to me. Remember the rock-a-thons outside your office? Thanks for all your prayers."
--- Love, Peggy (Margaret Barry '84)

"Sister Kathryn Miller is a wonderful person and great friend. She is always so happy to see you and genuinely cares how you are doing. Sister has been an important part of my life. She is a true example of love and kindness. Thank you."
--- Heyda Baez Toth '77

"I met Sister Kathryn thirty-one years ago. She has been the single strongest supporter of my writing and academic accomplishments. I am totally grateful to her and have the deepest respect for her unfailing faith and love."
--- Scott Browning, Professor

"Sister Kathryn is most memorable to me as a smiling ray of light. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word to say."
--- Suzanne Olivieri O'Donnell, M.D. '82

"Sister Kathryn Miller forever changed my career path. She has been a mentor and faith filled friend. Chestnut Hill College has been blessed with her leadership, service and above all love."
--- Sara Ellen Kitchen, Professor Emerita of Criminal Justice, CHC

"Sister Kathryn was a mentor to me when I was a student. She continues to guide and teach me now as a member of the Board of Directors. I am forever grateful for the wisdom she shared with me. Her loving, patient spirit is a gift to all of us."
--- Cathy Lockyer Moulton '92

"Her warmth, intelligence, humor, and good will continue to support so many of us who work on behalf of CHC students."
--- Christopher Dougherty, Ph.D.

"Sister Kathryn is a remarkable, intelligent and caring woman. Thank you for always being a steady source of wisdom and calmness. And thank you for the many times you have been there to support and help Institutional Advancement. You make us a better team!"
--- Erin Wooley

"On behalf of the Griffin Nation in the Lehigh Valley!"
--- Gretchen Tillitt

"Caring, humble, professional, efficient, and dedicated to her vocation as Sr. of St. Joseph as well as to her numerous and varied assignments is Dt. Kathryn Miller. As former Chair of the Board of Directors of CHC she was invaluable to me."
--- Barbara Martino '60

"Sr. Kathryn, You made me feel welcome and at home from my first day at CHC. I enjoy working with and appreciate your way of keeping people on task and timely…definitely a compelling, yet caring leader. Your sweet spirit is infectious and always provides comfort to any space when you are present. I pray that God will continue to bless you in every decision and deed, as you continue in service. May you always stand TALL in character and conviction, like the beautiful giraffes we both love."
---Juliana M. Mosley, Ph.D.

"From the moment I was hired, Sister Kathryn always took a moment to stop by and see how my day was going. Over those years she has shared with me her amazing travel adventures which truly inspired me to be "Ready for Any Good Work". I miss sharing those moments when she stopped by my office to make tea, share her day, ask me about my day and family, and share cookies with me! And most notably: our 'drive-by chats' in the corridor... full of hugs, smiles and encouragement. She has globally impacted many lives and I am most fortunate to be one of those individuals inspired by the SSJ mission teachings of Sister Kathryn. She is a friend and mentor, a shining star that never dims. Sister Kathryn, enjoy your retirement and eat more cookies!......but of course, we all know your "good work" will never end. Hugs and God Bless you."
---Lorraine Pecora

"Sr. Kathryn Miller was the Academic Dean during my time at Chestnut Hill College. Thank you, Sr. Kathryn for keeping me focused when I fell a bit behind. Your attentiveness and compassion had a great impact on my direction in life. I am deeply grateful."
---Cheryl Kennedy '87

"We went through many a good days together and some that were a little difficult but mostly good."
---Elaine Cullen, SSJ '71

"I did not have the good fortune to have Sr. Kathryn Miller for class but have always known and admired her. I recently ran into her and she hasn't changed - still the same beautiful, positive and young-at-heart woman I remember from my years at CHC."
---Suzanne Valvardi Lasek '80

"Sister Kathryn was my dear neighbor, colleague and friend from my first day at Chestnut Hill College. She was always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. Her work with the African Sisters Education Collaborative was truly inspiring."
---Lauri Strimkovsky

"Dear Sr. Kathryn, Thank you for being a light and for making a home for me at CHC. I am forever grateful for our friendship. Here is to more FroYo dates."
--- Mercy K. Thuranira '18

"I'm the class of 1977. Sr. Kathryn Miller was my teacher, advisor and friend during my time at Chestnut Hill College. She made my years day joyful and filled with happy memories. Always with a positive attitude I will cherish her encouragements."
--- Betty Acevedo '77

"I have known Sister Kathryn Miller since I was about 8 years old. She has always been one of my favorite people and having the chance to reconnect with her at CHC was such a blessing. Congratulations to Sister Kathryn on celebrating her 45 years at CHC."
--- Annmarie T. Vozzo Greenberg '80

"S. Kathryn has been a wonderful role model and mentor to so many. I have been so fortunate to have worked with her for 24 years, many on Staff Council. It is really a blessing to have her in my life!!"
--- Nancy LaSpada Dachille '01

"Sister Kathryn is an outstanding Sister of Saint Joseph who lives the mission statement through her daily actions. We are grateful for her presence and service."
--- Sister Marie Bambrick, SSJ

"Thank you, Sister Kathryn, for all you did for me when I first started teaching on the college level. You were a great mentor to me."
Love & prayers always S. Dorothy A. Bredehoft, SSJ Ed.D.

"Sister Kathryn is the most delightful lady. Always a balance between professionalism and extraordinary courage. Truly a wonderful person with whom to interact on any level."
--- Ronald Zemnick & Carol Voelmle Zemnick '75

"Sr. Kathryn, you are a great role model and class act. Thank you for not punishing me in 1979 when I bleached a visiting sister's (a trustee) habit in the washing machine. And for not calling me out on it! You are a shining light."
--- Gina DiGiuseppe '83

"A few years ago, there was a popular song entitled The Wind Beneath My Wings. That song could be S. Kathryn Miller's theme song. She has, indeed, been the wind beneath many, many wings. For this, I am most grateful.
My favorite memory of S. Kathryn is her standing on the deck of an Avalon beach house cuh, cuh, cuhing to the sea gulls as she fed them daily. The beauty of it was that they came!
Thank You, S. Kathryn for caring for all God's creatures."

--- S. Matthew Anita, SSJ

"Having Sister Kathryn as a teacher prepared me well for grad school- and life far beyond!"
--- Maureen Erdlen, SSJ

"Numerous years ago, I was preparing for a graduate school requirement in STATISTICS and to say the least, I was struggling with the subject matter. Without much discernment , I knew who would generously and patiently assist me. It was the woman we honor today. I was grateful then, and continue to be so today. She puts a smile on numbers. Many blessings Kathryn."
--- Eileen M Maguire, SSJ (Mickey)

"Sister Kathryn Miller inspired me at the age of 18. When I entered CHC back in 1975 I came from a rough part of town in Trenton, NJ and was not 'well-polished' like all of the other CHC girls. Nevertheless, she supported and mentored me to become the now 'well-polished' woman and psychologist that I am today. I am deeply grateful for her kindness and love over the years. You rock, Sister Kathryn Miller!!"
--- Cher Krupnick '79

"Sister Kathryn is a wonderful sister and she truly exemplifies kindness, caring and love. She has been an inspiration to many students in her years at Chestnut Hill. A blessing to us all! I wish her health and happiness in her retirement!"
--- Catherine Price Harmer '80

"Sr. Katherine Miller demonstrated kindness, compassion, and strength over the years and served as a role model in so many ways. I particularly remember her seeking me out after the passing of my father to express her deepest sympathies and offer support. Her empathic words over 30 years ago meant a great deal to me and made a tremendous positive impact during those difficult times. She truly made a difference in my experience as a Chestnut Hill student, and am grateful she has been a key leader at Chestnut Hill."
--- Gina M. Fusco, Psy.D.

"Sister Kathryn Miller's caution, support, and calming words were what encouraged me to strive academically. If Sister Kathryn believes in you, you believe in you. If you pay close attention when you are in her company, you will notice that she always leans her head towards you, because she is always listening. In our noisy world, it is a blessing."
--- Kathleen Quigley Grimm '88

"Sister Kathryn is kindness and patience personified. I will miss her emails prior to, and her presence at board meeting."
--Lyn Montgomery '97 SCPS

"There is no better person to be honored today than Sr. Kathryn. Thank you for imparting your wisdom onto us and enjoy a well-deserved retirement."
-- Margo Mongil-Kwoka '80

"Sister Kathryn Miller's training as a psychologist inspired her students. On some occasions, she used her skills beyond the classroom, too. Case in point:

One very snowy February Friday afternoon, back in the 1980's, Sister traveled with a few of her SSJ friends to the Jersey shore. One of these was (and is) a certifiably snow-phobic and terrified at setting out on roads already snow-covered and growing more difficult minute by minute. Rather than sympathize with this paranoia, Sister Kathryn promised to calm the anxiety as they traveled. As any good therapist would do, she attempted to replace negative images with positive ones, helping the quaking traveler cope with the fact that no white lines were visible on the Garden State Parkway. Nor were any exit ramps to be seen through the darkness and swirling flakes.

Sister Kathryn called it 'desentization to control anxiety.' She serenely suggested visions of sunshine and calm waters, the warmth of a blazing fireplace, the sound of good conversation and laughter. Her cringing friend called it 'distraction to get the trip over with.' Call it what you will, a slow, slippery journey ended with all intact and another victory for psychologists!"

-- Sister Mary Jo Larkin


Day of Giving 2020 is over but you can still donate to the Griffin Fund here.